Magrisimex Co., Ltd is proud to be one of the leading exporters of mountain grass jelly and remains huge exporting volumes of thousands of tons to many high quality markets.

The high quality markets as Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, these are markets requiring the mountain grass jelly. The grass jelly should have high Gel rate, clean, no roots. In order to do that, we are aware that close and strict connection between farmers and entrepreneur is really important. This helps us attain the stable raw material source in price and quality. 

mountain-grass-jelly mountain-grass-jelly

Yearly, in November, it is the time of harvesting Mountain Grass Jelly Leaves. We go to the remote villages, to every household to collect the quality raw material of mountain grass jelly. Every bunch will be checked and selected carefully to be sure that it is the mountain grass jelly, not field grass jelly. The quality grass jelly should be much leaves, dark brown color, high gel and good aroma. These are the criteria we focus on, to determine which one is good quality, which one is just standard quality.

mountain-grass-jelly mountain-grass-jelly

Moreover, we have qualified and well-skilled workers, they have well knowledge to tell apart mountain or field Black Jelly. Every bunch will be opened, workers will select and remove the low quality or field grass jelly. Monitoring and controlling each stages of production is important to ensure that raw material is really made clean before packing. It means that there is no weed, root, clay, stones left. After cleaning raw material, it will be packed into package of 60kgs – 80kgs, ready for export.

Due to factory locating right at the famous raw material area in Caobang, this is really convenient for collecting raw material. This helps save transport cost and can offer good price for buyers. In addition, well-skilled workers, we can meet requirement for shipment time within 3-5 days for each container.

mountain-grass-jelly mountain-grass-jelly

Magrisimex Co., Ltd has good experience in selecting good raw material of Mountain Grass Jelly from farmers. Moreover it has production procedures based on the strict export criteria in moisture, gel rate, color, leaf and branch rate. As a result we can ensure quality of each shipment as well as avoid risky to cargo got wet and mold during the time on sea from loading to unloading port.

Magrisimex Co., Ltd is always ready to be at customer’s service and provide buyers any information relating to Grass Jelly.

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