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Broken cassia from Vietnam

+ Specification of broken cassia:

  • Moisture: 13,5% max
  • Size: 3-15 cm
  • No fungus, bright yellow color
  • Packing: cartons (net 20kg/ 25kg)
  • Shelf life: 3 years.
  • Container capacity: 8.5MT/20FT; 18 MT/40HQ
  • Origin: Yenbai, Viet Nam
  • Port of loading: Hai Phong Port, Viet Nam

+ Production process:

Broken cassia has small size, with a length of about 3-15 cm. Because of its small size, cassia is produced from many different sources.

In the production of split cassia, a large amount of broken cassia is generated. As a result, it is thin, usually about 1-2.2 mm. In addition. Broken cassia is also made from the bark of the small branches, this type is usually thin, its size is not large.

broken cassiaBroken cassia also can be made from bark of main trunk at the age of 10-15 years, with a thickness of 3 mm or more, this type of cassia has better quality, higher concentration of oil. This size is about 2-3 cm

broken cassia

Production process, it is quite simple. Cassia is cleaned, not mixed with admixture as pebble, branches, leaves…. Then dried well, moisture content of about 12-13.5%. Packaging will depend on customer requirements.

+ How to choose good quality:

On the quality. we need to choose pieces not too small, the length of about 3-15 cm, yellow color and not moldy, the moisture content is about 13.5%. In general, broken cassia is used to grind into powder as well as can be extracted essential oil which can be used for various purposes.

+ Packing 

Packing is usually 10 kg/ carton, however, it is also as requirement of customers, maybe 5 or 20 kg / carton

broken cassia

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