Autumn Star Anise

Autumn Star anise, its botanical name is Illicium verum and it is actually kind of fruit which has high economic value. There are two seasons in a year when people can harvest star anise, that is the time from March to April or spring season and the others is from August to September or autumn season. Autumn star anise is evaluated highest due to its high concentration of essential oil.

In the early August, Anise grower enters the time of harvesting, the autumn atmosphere turns to be cooler and windier, the villages in Van Quan, Lang Son are covered by the vast anise forest, extraordinary and seductive aroma spreads in everywhere, this is really the right time of harvesting star anise. According to the experienced anise grower, harvesting star anise right time will help pollination and chance to fructify more easily.

autumn star anise

Quality of autumn star anise is highly evaluated due to high oil content as well as its big size, its diameter is over 2.5cm mostly, aniseed and stem also have so high oil content. 

After harvesting star anise, steps to process the raw star anise will be made, after completing these steps, star anise will be made dry under sunshine, dried star anise will give typical and strong aroma.

The anise is of very high quality and is popular with consumers due to the high concentration of essential oils in the fruit as well as the larger size of the fruit compared to spring anise. The yield of the harvest from July to September will reach 20000 tons from 14000 ha of the total anise growing area of Van Quan district. Currently, the area for growing star anise in the whole province including Van Quan, Binh Gia and Van Lang districts is over 20000Ha for an output of tens of tons of star anise per year.

Joining hands to develop Lang Son star anise in exporting star anise to the international market, Magrisimex Co., ltd has been purchasing 200-300 aniseed of raw materials, and processing it according to the correct process for exporting products to international markets such as USA, Czech, Dominica, Malaysia, Equador, Israel. So far, star anise products have received very positive feedback about the quality and service for each order that Magrisimex has exported.

Magrisimex Co., Ltd offers buyers 2 different types of packing, packing 10kg/carton and another packing is 1kg/bag, 10kg/carton, or ccording to customer’s request.

Autumn star anise with specifications as below: 

Autumn Star Anise (Hoi Mua)Moisture: 13% max
Admixture: 1% max
No fungus, natural colour
Flower size: 2.5 cm up (80% min)
Broken: 5-7% max
Packing: cartons (net10kg)
Container capacity: 6.8MT/20FT; 16MT/40HQ
Origin: Viet Nam
Port of loading: Hai Phong Port, Vietnam

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