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Split cassia | Yellow and Thin quality

+ Specification of split cassia:`

  • Moisture: 13.5%
  • Admixture: Nil
  • Length: 25-45% (80% min)
  • Thickness: 0.8 – 2.2 mm
  • No fungus, Natural Yellow
  • Packing: Carton ( net 10kgs), or as customer’s requirement
  • Shelf life: 3 years.
  • Container capacity: 6.5 Mt/ 20FT, 15 Mt/ 40FT
  • Origin: Yenbai, Vietnam
  • Port of loading: Haiphong Port, Vietnam

+ Production process from cassia material:

Split cassia is normally processed from the top bark that is thin enough to meet requirement of market demand. The raw material would be cleaned by fresh water after taking from forest. Using the high pressured water beam would be more effective to make inside and outside clean. After washing, cassia is cut into the smaller sticks with length of 30-45 cm and width of 2-3 cm. The final stage is making the cassia sticks dry, they will have better quality if we just dry them under the slight sunshine, not really extremely hot. This will not affect on quality of cassia stick and its oil inside.

split cassia

+ Packing

There is no special packing, this depends on buyer’s requirement. In general, there are two ways, packing 10 kgs per carton and 7 kgs per carton.

thin split cassia

– Packing in 10kgs per carton:

To pack 10kgs into a carton in this way, we should use pressure to do this. By the way of packing, we can load 15 tons for 1x40FT, but under high pressure, broken cassia will be generated, normally around 7-10%.

– Packing 7 kgs per carton:

In this way, there are no broken pieces, however, we just can load around 12.5 tons/ 40FT.

+ How to select the good quality split cassia.

Choosing good quality is not really hard. It tastes not only sweet piquancy but also natural fragrance. Cassia stick must be 30-45 cm in length and 2-3cm in width and has the natural yellow color.

split cassia

Split cassia volumes is exported to oversea around 2000 tons each year, this figure is predicted to be higher in the next years because of increasing demand in India and Bangladesh in the recent years.

+ Market for Vietnam cassia:

Each type of cassia has its own market, for Split Cassia, the main market is India, Bangladesh Yemen. In the countries, majority of split cassia is used for spices for the daily meals


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