Cigarette Cassia production

Cigarette cassia, this is the product that we can call by other names as Finger Cassia, Cassia Vera, Cassia Cut…, however, Cigarette Cassia is the popular name used. Now Cigarette cassia is being used for many other purposes like spices, medicines, decoration, oil-extraction… and Vietnam is one of the country exporting cassia products of which have cigarette cassia. Before the demand for Cigarette cassia is not really much due to high price, but now demand is now increasing year by year in markets as Europe, USA, South America…. this is really the good sign for Vietnam cassia tree.

Production process.

Cigarette cassia, generally, is processed from the bottom of bark which is thick enough to give a good quality. Firstly, raw material is shaved its outer bark off when it is still fresh, then cut into sticks which have 30-45 cm in length and 3-4 cm in width. this is the important stage to determine the rolled rate, diameter of stick. after cutting, under natural sunshine. it will roll and turn into yellow as we see the completed products. The dry and yellow cassia sticks, once more time, will be cut as customer’s requirement like 6, 8 10, 12 cm. 


Depending on each market, we have deferent packing. Normally we pack 5, 10, 15 kg/ carton without using PE or String bags. However, in some markets as Turkey, Iran…, we often use string or PE bags then carton. But no matter what packing, to preserve well, strong carton is compulsory to be sure not to damage cargo. While packing, we can put small bags of Silica gel to absorb the moisture in the container space. 

cigarette cassia

How to choose quality cigarette cassia.

In Vietnam, there are many areas planting Cassia tree as Quang Ngai, Quang Ninh, Yen Bai, Lao Cai…, however, the area giving the best quality cassia must be from Quang Ngai and Yen Bai province where have suitable soil and weather for cassia tree to grow, these are the important factors making quality cassia products which have high oil content and good fragrance.

In order o evaluate quality cassia, we still have the common criteria based on colour, thickness, diameter of stick and taste… the color should be yellow, thickness from 1 to 2.2 mm, about 1.5cm in diameter, even length and the roll rate is high, normally 80% or 90% depending on buyers’ requirement. Besides piquancy is strong, it is also sweety and has the natural fragrance. Moreover, we also care for moisture, this is the so important factory that can affect on the quality. Cassia should be dried under natural sunshine long enough to ensure moisture of 13%, this will avoid the cargo damaged when container arraves the discharing port. 

Annual exported volume.

Due to high demand of using high quality cassia for food and beverage, the export volume is increasing annually. Some years ago, volume was about some hundred tons per year, but now, it is about some thousand tons per year and is exported mostly to EU and developed markets.


This is the high quality cassia, high oil content and complicated production process in comparison with other cassia products as split cassia, broken cassia…, because of this, market is also high quality market as USA, EU and some markets in the developed countries in Asia.

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