Based on the growth characteristics of anise, the growers harvest fruits and produce essential oil. Star anise in Langson are grown mainly in the border. People can grow anise intercropped with other crops to increase economic value and protect soil and hold water. If the anise tree is planted and cared for properly, it will yield high and stable yields, extending the harvest period up to 20-80 years.

Planting techniques.

Land for planting.

The anise requires planting on good soil, thick layer, pH = 4.5, humus content is high (> 3%, Not in limestone layer, less acid or neutral, sandy soil, eroded and thin soil. The most suitable soil for planting the anise is red soils, poor potash soil. It should be planted in hills with relatively thick soil layer, sufficient nutrition.

star-anise-in-langson star-anise-in-langson

The light:

Under 5 year-old, anise does not withstand strong direct sunlight. At 8 years old, the anise begin to flower, as a result, the demand for light also increases. At 20 years old or older, anise flowers require full light.


At 1-3 years old, The anise require a lot of water, because they are the hydrophyte. By maturity (over 10 years of age), The star anise in Langson are moderately drought tolerant and adaptable to different water supplying conditions of the environment.

Seasonality and density.

The best growing season is spring or rainy season, planting density ranges from 400-500 trees/ ha. Planting holes need to be 50-60cm deep, 50-60cm wide, 5-10kg organic fertilizer and grass clearance around. After planting, soil should be moist enough, shaded. It is advisable to keep the available trees around to create  shade. Later, the forest will be gradually cleared up and grown. During the first years, it is possible to plant potatoes, peas, beans, cassava or tea to make use of the soil and prevent erosion.


To grow well, high yield, organic fertilizer needs using annually + Better NPK 12-12-17-9 + TE (about 15-20 kg / tree) in the period before the tree flower and after harvesting fruit. The groove  should be dug around the canopy of leaves, spread the fertilizer into the groove and fill the soil, clear the grass, remove the vine, the surrounding shrubs and roots. Good fertilization, plant growth, favorable development, fruit yield will be high.

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