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Vietnam fresh chilli

Vietnam Fresh Chilli – Chilli Padi:

Vietnam fresh Chilli is now becoming the main tree to help farmers develop their household economy in provinces. Apart from supplying the domestic market, majority of volume is exported to China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan.

There are two chilli types planted mostly, Redchilli and Hotchilli, because they meet requirement of quality, strong pungency. Vietnam fresh chilli will be planted from August and is harvested from November to February, it is called Winter season. Another is Spring Season. It is grown in mid of January and is harvested from April to July. So there are totally 8 months harvesting and supplying chilli for domestic and oversea market.

As estimated, total area planting chilli is about 12000 ha, giving 123,900 tons, sparsely distributed in some provinces. In order to promote chilli development locally, Government always, positively and timely supports farmer with technique of growing and taking care of chilli plants. it also makes favorable conditions for export.

Magrisimex, with years of processing, packing and storage, we are confident to be trustful supplier and commit to bring international buyers with quality fresh chilli originated from Vietnam. we offer buyers quality fresh chilli and frozen chilli with 3-7 cm in size at reasonable prices.

We always wish to build up firm business ties based on quality, mutual development and responsibility for goods and service that we sell.

Under slogan, quality and good service are the key factor in building up the business ties, as well as share risk and profit with buyers. Magrisimex expects to receive buyer’s interest in all over the world. 


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