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Vietnam Finger Cassia crop 2020

Vietnam is now entering the new crop of cassia and farmers have started to harvest since end of July. This crop is promissing to give better quality than the March crop and high oil, more fragrance. The material from the March crop is good for producing the Vietnam finger cassia. Howerver, the volumes of the August crop have bigger quantity than the March crop’s. Because of this, the price of cassia products is still staying at high levels, even the new crop has come and new material is now available in the market.

vietnam finger cassia

As realality, the demand of cassia products in general and finger cassia in paticular is getting higher in comparison to the previous years. The market for cassia export is also being expanded significaly step by step. As the result, Vietnam cassia doesn’t depend on the traditional markets as India and Bangladesh. 

vietnam finger cassia

According to the Vietnam customs database, in the early of 2020, the the high quality cassia as Vietnam Finger Cassia – Cigarette Cassia can penatrate into the high quality market as USA and EU. This is the good sign for the Vietnam farmers as well as the Vietnam export of cassia.

During the early 6 months of 2020, although Covid-19 has been happening in every where in the world, Vietnam export of cassia has still achieved the significan success. Thanks to the success of export, farmers can sell the cassia material at good prices, improve the farmer’s life. This is the happy sign for farmers as well as the exporters.

vietnam finger cassia

My company specializes in producing and exporting the Finger Cassia, Cigarette Cassia, Stick Cassia into Taiwan, Malaysia, Turkey, Mexico.

We bring to buyers defferent cassia products and defferent specifications like the length, roll rate, packing or as buyer’s requirement.

We generally offer buyers the specification like 1kg/PE or mesh bags, 10kg/carton and the length can be 6 or 8cm.