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Vietnam Damar Batu

Vietnam Damar Batu


Ash content 5%

Natural Yellow

Size: 1-35cm

No broken

Packing: 15kg/ Carton or PP bags, as buyer’s requirement

Container Capacity: 13 tons/ 1x20FT

Loading port: Haiphong Vietnam

Damar Batu

Vietnam Damar Batu is a word from Philippine, means petrified natural which has brown and black color with various sizes from 1 cm to 35 cm and  is harder than other resins.
It can be found in the ground in the jungles of Vietnam, Laos, Indonasia

Usage :
Damar Batu is used in some of the following purposes.

  1. It is used for women and babies after giving birth as the antiseptic or avoid to get cold by burning it in room.
  2. Used in industry, dissolve it with gasoline or kerosene and other additives to form a varnish solution, used to polish, enhance aesthetics, and create a layer to protect the wood from water
  3. In the shipbuilding industry, Damar Batu are also dissolved in petrol or kerosene to form a solution to sweep on the surface of the wood used for shipbuilding to prevent water penetration.

Qualities :
The kind of grades available are:
* Damar Batu scrapped
* Damar Batu mixed size (also known as Calcutta quality)
* Damar Batu super/big size (also known as Bombay quality)

Packing :
Packing as customer’s requirement. it is usually packed 15kg/ carton as our offer.

Quantity Per Container :
One twenty-footer container will take about 13 MT.

Price Indication :
To Be Advised.

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