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Vietnam Cabbage

Vietnam Cabbage is cultivated in many areas in Vietnam like Dalat, Lamdong, Hanoi, Haiphong, Hungyen.  In general, because of cabbage characteristics, it is mostly planted in the winter, cabbage will give the best quality. There are three periods of time to sow seeds, first in July – Aug and harvest in Nov and Dec, Second in  Sep – Nov and Harvest in Jan to Feb, Third in Nov and harvest in Feb and Mar. According to General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the total planting area is 45,100 ha, giving 903,200 tons per year.

vietnam cabbage

Vietnam Cabbage was planted and supplied mainly the domestic market before. However, in the recent years, due to increasing demand, there have been new planting areas every year. Fortunately Vietnam cabbage is, step by step, penetrating into Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, China market with big volume. This is a good sign for Vietnam farmers, a good new chance for developing the household economy.

vietnam cabbage

Magrisimex is cooperating with farmers in some areas in the whole country, open training in cultivation technique, storage, processing to meet the export requirement. Thanks to stable supplying source, we can control effectively quality and take initiative in quantity. This help us be able to ship cargo on time, satisfy buyers in quality and build up buyer’s trust by every shipment. Up to now, Mrgrisimex is one of trustful Vietnam suppliers of Taiwain, Japan, Korea…

vietnam cabbage

With goal, promote exports, Magrisimex keeps investing in facility, cooperating closely with farmers, improving processing, storage and finding chances of building healthy and firm business with international buyers. With desire, developing with buyer, we wish to receive interest, share with buyer opportunity and risk.


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