Planting organic cassia in Vietnam

Up to now, Phong Du Thuong commune, Van Yen district, 274 households have registered to grow organic cassia with area of over 200 hectares, mostly in Khe Mang, Lang Than, Lang Lang and Thuong Son.

“You can also set up ten dining tables in guest rooms …” Mr. Lo Van Kheo from Lang Than Village, Phong Du Thuong Commune, Van Yen District complimented the family’s new house. The house was completed within two years ago, took nearly 400 million VND for labor cost. The young man at the age of 28 in 80s of the last century, worked and planted seeds diligently and quietly, then expanded to a few dozen hectares” to have a good life as today. Organic cassia is also a new way for development of Yenbai, helps cassia growers sell at higher price in comparison with before. 

organic cassia

Mr. Khoi showed that in July, he and his wife had just traveled to Thailand “spending forty million VND! Passport for ten years, My wife said she was worried about not having enough energy for traveling”. Leaving for a few minutes, he returned with notebook in hands which contains two poems composed by himself with titles “10 seen” and “10 expected”, “One hope to have money in pocket, travel around the country, earn a passport to visit abroad.

Laughing, he said that money would get from cassia material to suppliers of cassia powderbroken cassia … The crop March and August of 2019, he sold 5 tons of dried cassia bark, got 300 million VND and received a reward of 5 million. This reward is from purchasing companies for household that sell organic cassia that meets the standards.

In August 2018, Mr. Lo Van Duong – his son registered 2.1 hectares to plan organic cassia. He said that it is difficult to make cassia clean as he thought however, in fact it is also very easy: “No chemical fertilizer, so it used to be, the field didn’t fertilize. not spraying herbicide, he cut grass weed only by hands and machine.” . Harvesting, drying, preserving and transporting must be clean, to avoid being near and mixed with toxic substances”.

The organic cinnamon hill right behind the house is his dowry to give to his grandson who is studying at grade 12 of the provincial school.

The technical in planting the organic cassia is also guided to farmers, helps farmers understand clearly in process producing the clean cassia

Same to Mr. Lo Van Kheo’s thought about the cassia planting of the local people which is completely natural, Mr. Trieu Ton Pu in Khe Mang village feels very fortunate to have this. 6.9 of 10 hectares has been registered to produce organic cassia by Pu.

Pú shared, he planted cassia as his father and grand father did. He can learn the good and bad from father and grand father. Dao Khe Mang people consciously made cassia drying floors because they felt faster drying than the ground. Organic cassia production compared to the Dao cultivation method is not much different, but there are many things to follow as required.

The changes are small but can make big, extremely significant change. Pú said: “Now making cassia clean, what needs to change, it will change, what is unknown, specific instructions will be provided. Only then will cassia have good quality, good market and good price. There are many things to study and understand while making clean cassia. Both farmers and enterprices have benefit, protect the environment for next generation. The clean material of cassia can produce products as cigarette cassia, stick cassia, ground cassia that can sell at high level. Farmers and Vietnam cassia suppliers can get benifits from projects of planting clean material from cassia area in Yenbai.

In 2019, Pú will peel two crops for sale of VND 180 million and receive VND 3.7 million in bonuses. Money will be paid after finishing scaling. Award of clean cassia will be given in the end of crop. Clearly, fair and timely. Pú said that if the reward is Compared to selling cassia, it is small but “reward is also worth”. Pu’ also said that the new crop of cassia will be so promising for good yield and can expect to sell at good prices

From Mr. Kheo to Mr. Pu can be considered as a link between the generations and the desire to get rich. Like cassia forests, cassia hills keep being growed day by day, month by month, year by year. Cassia itself contains countless large and small stories, connecting closely to the flesh and blood with Mr. Kheo, Mr. Pu, and all the people here. The Phong Du Thuong people are confident, proud and wish to bring organic cassia trees farther and farther!

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