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New crop of cinnamon 2020 and grower’s life

New crop of Cinnamon 2020 is coming closely, promising a healthy lives for cassia growers in Yenbai provinse Vietnam.

Cinnamon was planted by people of Yen Bai starting in the early 70s of the last century. Cinnamon concentrated in localities where many Dao people lived such as Van Yen, Van Chan, Luc Yen … Up to now, Cinnamon has grown widely, becoming important tree in the socio-economic development of many localities in the province. New crop of cinnamon is welcomed and makes people really excited.

Each year, there are two main crops in March and August giving high yields to help farmers and their children have a better life. Each year, the income from growing cinnamon of people is from 60 to 200 million per year after each crop.

Wearing a knife bag dangling from his hips, feet, boots, and a conical hat, Mr. Hoang Van Thao, from Dai Son commune, Van Yen district, heads up the newly planted cinnamon hill to replace the trees that have just been harvested.  Mr. Thao just mentioned that his family had a hard life before. There are 4 children in the family, so the couple tried hard but just had enough for life. Every New Year comes, the couple fear not to facing with shortage of money to buy new clothes and shoes for the children to celebrate new year.

After more than 15 years of converting nearly ten hectares of hill land to plant cinnamon, family life has changed. Thao said that cinnamon is a perennial tree, but in Dai Son this tree grows very fast. After 5 years of growing, there will be income from pruning leaves, branches and branches, this is to get space for big trees, grow bigger…

For nearly ten years, each new crop of cinnamon has brought an average family income of about VND 200 million per year. With money, he built a nice house, bought a car and gave capital for his children to do business. Particularly in 2019, he exploited his 15-year-old cinnamon hill and earned over VND 300 million.

“Before there was no cinnamon tree, working is just enough to support life. Thanks to cinnamon cultivation for several years, the family’s life has changed completely. Now, new houses are built, life is impoved significantly, “Thao said.

All the parts of cinnamon trees can be sold like bark, leaves, branch. It can produce Split Cinnamon, Broken Cinnamon and cinnamon sticks. Last year, the price of cinnamon in the market continued to be stable. The people who grow cinnamon in Van Yen are very excited. 

In Vien Son Commune – one of the first cinnamon growing communes has a large area of cinnamon in Van Yen, with more than 2,600ha. In 2019, on average, each cinnamon-growing household earns between VND 60 and 200 million. There are households with income nearly 1 billion. Thanks to cinnamon, this year, the commune has 156 households out of poverty. Cinnamon helps the percentage of poor households in the commune is less than 16%. Many households had normal income in previous year, this year have now risen to become well-off, with beautiful houses and new cars to celebrate new year.

The spring, the main time for new cinnamon planting, Van Yen ethnic people often hold meetings, exchange valuable experiences to grow, care, exploit and process cinnamon. Together cultivation under new production model, in order to obtain the highest value from cinnamon.