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Famous carrot growing area in Vietnam

Ducchinh, Haiduong, the famous carrot growing area in Vietnam, is facing with advantage and difficulties. 

The amount of carrots in Haiduong is bought by traders, taking up about 50%. The remaining about 50% of the output is processed, preserved by factories to serve for other purposes and export. Carrot growing areas in Haiduong are in the stage of the harvest. In order to promote the consumption of carrots, on February 19, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development cooperated with Camgiang Committee to hold a conference with agencies and localities to discuss solutions to connect trade and promote carrot consumption in winter season 2018-2019 as well as advertise Haiduong as famous carrot growing area in Vietnam.

famous carrot growing area in vietnam


Optimistic to consume all carrots

At the conference, Haiduong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that there have been 850 ha of carrots harvested up to now (out of about 1,450 ha of the whole province in winter season 2018-2019). The remaining 550 ha, mainly in Camgiang and Namsach, have not been harvested and consumed. However, carrot harvest time of Haiduong is still very long. The main harvest of carrots is usually started from middle of January to the end of April.

There is about 50% of carrots consumed by traders in Haiduong, the rest is bought by local factories and exporters.

There are now 16 enterprises and about 50 traders buying carrots, concentrating mainly in Camgiang and Namsach. Many enterprises, large supermarkets have joined in, supporting farmers to promote consumption of carrots such as Big C supermarket; Vinmart …

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh, representative of Big C Supermarket said: Before the Lunar New Year, Big C will launch a program to promote carrot consumption for farmers in Ducchinh commune at the 36 supermarkets throughout country. Consumption reaches hundreds of tons on the whole Big C system. Besides consumption of fresh fresh, Big C also diversifies products processed from carrots such as carrot juice and carrot jam …

“We believe in the next time, with the retail system of many large supermarkets, Haiduong carrots will be consumed significantly ”- Ms. Linh predicted.

Besides consumption of carrots in domestic market, export of carrots also account for nearly 50% of the total carrot production of the whole country. great consumption of carrots is speeding up agricultural development and create many famous carrot growing area in Vietnam.

Besides a large number of carrots in the Northern provinces are being exported to East Asian markets such as Japan, Korea, Middle East countries and some Southeast countries as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia … Small carrots which have good quality still have export advantages in many markets such as the Middle East, Korea, Japan … Especially in the Korean market. Haiduong’s carrots are being exported well because of competitive prices, crispy, fragrant and sweeter quality than Chinese carrots. Besides, Chinese carrots exported to the Korean market are subject to import tax of 30%, while Vietnamese carrots’ is 0%. this helps Vietnam carrot price is more competitive than china’s, so carrots exported Korean market is increasing sharply in last months. export is step by step playing an important roll in carrot consumption for farmers and helping international importers know Haiduong as famous carrot growing area in Vietnam

although carrots is cultivated very popularly in Vietnam and consumption is great. However, carrots is still facing with many issues in cultivation, taking care, storage and finding a brand name for Vietnam carrots. All of these things need to be improved to help Vietnam carrot be able to compete in price and quality in the international markets

Besides above advantages, Vietnam carrot also encounters some seasonal difficulties. Currently, Vietnam carrots, due to specific weather conditions, can only grow 6 months/ year. Meanwhile, China carrots, due to climate diversity, can grow 12/12 months with very large yields.

The State should have policy to support enterprises to invest in building large-scale cold storage systems. It will help increase the reserve of winter vegetables to reduce consumption pressure. Besides, carrots in the northern provinces are competing fiercely with Chinese carrots in export markets, especially big carrots, nice looking . In fact, Vietnam carrots cannot compete with China carrots in many respects, especially pesticide residue issues.