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Carrot farming for export in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

Carrot farming for export becomes more busy, the planting area is expanding year by year. There have been some provinces also joining to carrot cultivation for exports along with enterprises. Especially in Thanh Hoa, Enterprises come to, accumulate land for carrot cultivation for export to Malaysia and South Korea market. Farmers, Beside renting land at bargain prices, are employed to work at processing factories.

Realizing practical benefits, HoangHoa collaborated with authorities, related organizations to propagandize, mobilize people to accumulate and lease land to enterprises for Carrot farming for export.

Winter-spring crop 2018-2019, an enterprise hired 52 hectares of land from over 1,000 households to grow carrots for export in three communes as Hoang Dao, Hoang Luu and Hoang Thanh, Hoang Hoa district. These are all sandy land areas, people have recently cultivated traditional crops that have low economic efficiency. Lack of human resources, many households quit, causing waste of resources. The contract between people and businesses is signed for 10 years with price of 1.7 million VND per 500 m2/year. From the 6th year onward, the land rent will increase by 25%.

carrot farming

After renting land, in September 2018, Kim Huy Vietnam Co., Ltd organized production and installed a modern automatic irrigation system. Carrot plants are cared for in accordance with the technical process so they grow well and even size, reaching the export criteria.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong, along with households in Hoang Dao commune said, after contributing 2 sao of land carrot farming, he became one of the workers in charge of automatic irrigation systems for carrot growing area of the enterprise. He earns 5 million VND / month. What he got excited was that on the land he had only cultivated sesame and groundnut trees, now it has turned into an area of agricultural products giving export value.

On the same land, it gives more economic efficiency when enterprise takes over, cultivate under technical process and large scale. In addition to the land rent, people are also employed. We expect the company to operate effectively, stably and to make the commitment to farmers “- Mr. Cuong said.

In the early days of April 2019, the first batch of carrots was harvested, the yield was estimated at 4-4.2 tons of tubers/Sao (80-84 tons/ha). A factory for processing carrots with a total investment of VND 11 billion was also built by the enterprise. In Hoang Luu commune, the total number of employees used in the fields and factory is 180 people, including 120 regular employees with an average income of 4.5-7 million VND/person/month. Carrots are harvested and processed at the factory and then exported.

Mr. Le Xuan Lam, who was assigned to supervise the process of preliminary processing of carrots at the factory, said: “The company’s goal is to accumulate 110 hectares of carrots for preliminary processing but currently the company has  only collected 52 hectares. The factory’s preliminary processing capacity can reach 80 tons of tubers/day but the material is only 20 tons of tubers/day. The goal of company is to improve economic efficiency for people and to bring Vietnamese carrots to the international market. In just a few days, the first batch of processed carrots will be shipped to foreign partners.

According to Mr. Le Huy Cuong, Head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Hoang Hoa district, the locality still has great potential to expand the area of growing carrots. If this is a sustainable link, the district will encourage enterprises to accumulate land for production in the larger scale