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Planted cabbage unseasonably in Laocai

Cabbage planted unseasonably – effectively escaping poverty in highland Si Ma Cai:

Thanks to the unseasonable planting of cabbage, many farmers in highland areas of Si Ma Cai, Lao Cai province have found a way to effectively eliminate hunger and reduce poverty.
These days, when people in the delta is planting seeds, the unseasonable cabbage of many farmers in Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai was planted from the last 4 months is in the harvest season. In this upland area, cabbage is not watered, sprayed pesticide, just spending labor on taking care, but every tree becomes a round, heavy roll.


At the beginning of the autumn, the crop of Mr. Luu Seo Thong, Say San Phin village, Man Than commune, Thuy Si Si Cai brought about VND 10 million. A few days ago, the peak price was 15,000 VND / kg, now price is 10,000 VND/ kg. About ten thousand businesses have an appointment to drive cars into the place to buy all.

Mr. Thong said, in the past, my family planted corn, now switched to growing cabbage. Cultivated cabbage plants are simpler but softer than corn, the price is also higher. The cabbage is planted more simply, not hard as growing corn, but the selling price is also higher.

According to Mr. Vien Dinh Hiep, Head of Agriculture Department of Si Ma Cai district,  unseasonable  cabbage has been planted in Si Ma Cai for a long time, but it was still small, only enough to meet the needs of the district.

In recent years, recognizing the advantages of climate as well as opportunity of the large market, Si Ma Cai district has mobilized many different resources to support seedling, mobilizing people to switch to growing cabbage. Currently, the area of off-season cabbage of the whole district is over 30 hectares. With about 140 households participating in planting, each year two output crops are very stable.

According to our review, the area that can grow cabbage is up to 100-200 ha. Next time the district will focus on resources to continue investing and developing this plant. If taking advantage of climate and land, this is also a way to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty for people in the highlands, “said Hiep.

According to calculations, every hectare of Si Ma Cai off-season cabbage harvested at least 150 million VND, 6-7 times higher than growing corn and rice. However, due to farming practices of upland people are backward, mainly dependent on nature. People do not know how to calculate and hesitate to change in the new planting measure, so local authorities need to pay more attention to help people here access to effective measure, improve production capacity.



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